Enablement of Cleantech

Trusted Business & Engineering Consulting

The name “Clean Conduit” stems from our desire to act as a global “conduit” for equipment, technology and services that effectively reduce the carbon footprint of our clients and theirs while also providing financial benefit.

There is unprecedented opportunity and incentive to adopt sustainable practices and clean technology across many sectors of the global economy.  Governments are enacting new policies that drive climate change mitigation and greenhouse gas emission reduction.  They understand that funding must keep pace in order to fulfill policy mandates. We see business booming for cleantech today and well into the future.

We are devoted to assisting our clients with global enablement, implementation and enhancement of efficient practices, technologies and solutions that reduce GHG emissions, preserve the natural environment and improve human health and well-being.

​​​As professional engineer providing project management, contract administration, issue resolution, operations optimization, engineering design (drawings and specifications), value engineering, process design, building audits, building efficiency, etc.

​​As business consultant to refine and develop a strategic value proposition, conduct feasibility studies, market analysis, business plan, financial model, forecasts, “go-to market” strategy, stakeholder engagement, etc.

As sales agent to sell products, equipment and professional services by assisting with high-value tender proposal preparation, presentations, marketing materials, business development approach, direct sales, inside sales, etc.

Our clients typically retain us in the following capacities: