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Robert Bianchi has devoted over 15 years of his career to the clean technology sector.  He has been involved in many aspects of the green economy from sales & marketing to engineering, research, construction, operations and service.

Robert is a strong collaborator with unique business and engineering expertise across various disciplines and verticals.  He is a resilient and confident leader.  Robert has successfully lead both small and very large-scale, clean technology initiatives including Public Private Partnership where a multitude of professional service providers, equipment manufacturers and skilled trades are involved.  Robert has the ability to command the best efforts of the team towards a common goal and can do this successfully in the face of adversity and risk.

Robert is a professional engineer who holds a bachelor of mechanical engineering at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

ABOUT Robert Bianchi, P. Eng

Clean Conduit was established in 2014 with a vision to assist the cleantech industry by furthering their innovative technologies with our services.  We provide trusted business and engineering consulting services that help SME's achieve their goals.  We typically work directly with CEO's who give us a leadership role in projects that are very important to them.

The work we do is always changing depending on the needs of our clients.  In all cases, we're advancing the adoption and utilization of clean technologies in today's global economy.

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