Feasibility Study for a New Biosolids Treatment Facility - South America

Net-Zero Pyrolysis Project - Equipment Procurement 

Clean Conduit travelled to South America to conduct a feasibility study for a proposed organic waste-to-fertilizer facility.  The review involved acquisition, synthesis and reporting of data and information obtained from local municipal partners and industries and confirmation of viability in a final report.

Operations Optimization of Biosolids-to-Fertilizer Plant

Clean Conduit worked with the Atmospheric Fund and Efficiency Capital to advance turnkey, fully-financed, energy retrofit projects for the industrial, commercial and multi-unit residential sector in Canada. Efficiency Capital finances projects that significantly reduce total energy consumption through enhanced efficiency and conservation while effecting operational cost savings at the same time.  The capital cost of implementation is offset by the savings incurred.  Risk is mitigated through performance-based contracting.  This is an excellent initiative that will gain momentum as part of the Transform TO program.


Clean Conduit is acting as Owner's Representative for a major project lead by an innovative, Canadian Cleantech company that treats biosolids (organic waste) and converts it into a valuable commodity.  In comparison to competing technologies that were considered, the project represents a net savings in capital and operating costs while simplifying operations at the same time.
Clean Conduit was retained by an affluent client who wished to commercialize an energy storage system for the Middle East and North Africa ("MENA") region.  The scale of this project required discussions with multinationals headquartered in Canada, USA, Korea, China, United Kingdom and Germany who possess the breadth of operations experience to facilitate the needs of the client.  The project culminated with a final report that offered guidance on the proposed system and the business case for commercialization.

Deep Energy Retrofits - Ontario

Clean Conduit has been retained by Reclay StewardEdge as Manager, Customer Solutions.  We will work closely with corporations across Canada to identify and curate valuable services that allow them to meet their goals in the areas of:

  • improved Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) funding efficiency;
  • advisory services related to consumer packaging trends, regulations and policy;
  • manufacturing and distribution facility waste reduction;
  • recycling and sustainability performance reporting and optimization;
  • GHG reporting; and,
  • Other valuable services that Reclay StewardEdge offers.
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Customer-Sited Residential Energy Management System (Feasibility Study)

Site Representation for Construction of New Biosolids Processing Facility

Manager, Customer Solutions - Reclay StewardEdge

Clean Conduit is pleased to be involved in these projects.  We thank our clients for allowing us the opportunity to assist them in advancing innovation towards a sustainable, circular economy.

Market Research and Lead Generation - CanExport

Clean Conduit was retained by a world leading manufacturer of industrial and municipal air pollution control equipment to investigate the Southeast Asian market.  The research and intelligence we provided under a limited budget resulted in three sales opportunities, confirmation of a local manufacturer’s representative and travel to the region by the regional sales manager to further explore the business opportunities.  This engagement was part of a CanExport grant to develop an international market where the client had not exported in the trailing two fiscal years.  We are undertaking a third engagement with the client in 2018.
Clean Conduit travelled to India to enhance the capacity of an organic waste-to-fertilizer facility and provide solutions for observed deficiencies.  The facility converts high volume of organic waste and industrial by-products into a valuable fertilizer.  A number of low cost procedural modifications were implemented, training provided and equipment procured to further enhance the capacity of the facility to 400 metric tonne per day production capacity.
Clean Conduit was retained to assist with commercialization of a revolutionary, net-zero waste technology that transforms organic matter (originally derived from waste by-products) into a valuable commodity for the renewable energy sector.  The final product boasts excellent efficacy and net-zero waste through innovative, beneficial reuse streams.  We were actively involved in procurement of a major piece of equipment from an international supplier with specialty in the specific field of pyrolysis.  This project was conducted under a grant from Sustainable Technology Development Canada (SDTC).